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Marbles are commonly used as a building material, crafting sculptures and used in many other applications. The quality of the marble often depends on the region it is mined in and some types of marbles cost more than other. The most common being white marble where you can virtually find any where from the least common red and green marble. There are a lot of different varieties each unique to its own region it’s mined in. The most preferred type of marble for sculpturing is like Carrara in Italy, Royal White and Beijing White in China and Malagori of Pakistan and have been known as prized marbles since ancient times as the properties of the marbles are ideal for crafting sculptures as it is soft and isotropic and has good resistance to shattering. It also has low index of calcite which allows light to penetrate several millimeters into it giving it the real look of the human or animal body.

Marbles where used in ancient times, even from the times of Greek statues of the God Zeus and Athena were made from marble. Even in modern times when paying homage to someone people often opt to have a sculpture of marble made of him and her.

We at Marble Buyer are in the marble business for 60 years and supply marble to almost every major marble retail firm in the world. With over 250,000 different types marbles it no wonder that we are the first choice of people. We have every type of marble you could ask for, from the rocky deserts of Colorado to the depths of Kashmir. We can provide you marbles in any dimension and size, from the most commonly used to the most rare, just let us know you requirements and we will take it from there.

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